About Bizzy Bees Childcare

BEES3Bizzy Bees Childcare is a brand new purpose built child care centre, built in the heart of Magheracloone, catering for children from 4 months to 12 years of age.

Bizzy Bees Childcare provides a homely, secure and fun environment where children can learn, play and interact with other children.

img_0006Our state-of-the-art centre with a large secure soft mat outdoor play area and secret garden.

We offer full-time, part-time, sessional, pre-school and after school care with year round out-of-school camps.

We also offer a school collection service from Scoil Bride Mullaghrafferty.


Our Rooms:

  • Baby Room –4 Months-12 Months
  • Wobblers/Toddlers – 12 months-3 years
  • Pre-School - 3 years  -6 years
  • After-School – School age up

mother-and-childWe encourage the unique development of each child.   We recognise the importance of engaging children in experiences that will help them develop strategies for understanding their world and prepare them for living in it.

We are dedicated to supporting children to develop a positive self esteem, and a positive attitude to learning and interaction with others.

During the early years of childhood this is best achieved through the guidance and encouragement of a loving supportive network of parents and teachers.

We understand that “a child’s work is play”.

Play in Bizzy Bees Childcare:

 Children need companionships, time, space and materials to play. 

We provide these:

  • We plan the play space so that children can choose where, what and with whom they want to play. 
  • Children have easy access to props and materials that they can use to develop their ideas, experiment, design, build, create stories and stretch their imaginations and skill.
  • Adults are there as an additional resource.  They offer help and guidance when required and use the many opportunities that a playful environment offers to promote learning. 

 When you walk into our playgroup setting the children are learning through play, they will be playing with sand, water, bricks, paint, puzzles, books. 

They will be talking, laughing, reading, writing, building, dancing, singing and most of all they will be pretending – pretending to be a mother or father or child, pretending to be a builder, an engineer, a shopkeeper, a hairdresser, learning from one another and showing us all how competent they are and what they have learned about the world around them. 

For this reason, Vygotsky (1933) tells us that in play the child is a head taller than him/herself.  

Our Mission

We aim to create a safe, fun and friendly environment for your child to interact, learn and play with other children.

We aim to continuously improve and enhance the children’s activities and services we provide, by making sure we are always in touch with the latest developments with childcare in Ireland.

Our aim is to ensure your child feels relaxed, welcomed, valued and respected.

This service allows children to come together in a pleasant, cheerful and safe environment, and introduces them to Irish naturally through the medium of play.

Quality Assurance

We are registered with the Monaghan HSE and comply fully with all statutory regulations and requirements. We comply with the Childcare Pre School Regulations 2006.


Our Curriculum provides children with the opportunity to learn in a holistic way focusing on the specified areas of learning and development.  It provides planned activities for children to choose from and also allows for experiences that enable children to think and act on their own initiative, thus learning about themselves and the social world in which they live.

The key principles of our programme inspire children to grasp a sound understanding of the early years foundation stage, which are the building blocks of life long learning.

Early education for children is hugely important. Children learn life skills at a young age. If your child is in a well run early education centre with the right childcare education curricula, correct ratios, a safe environment and caring qualified staff, the learning experiences for your child will be huge. Some of things children learn with us are:

  • Problem solving skills
  • Listening skills
  • Sharing skills
  • The importance of friendship
  • Communication skills
  • Respect for the environment
  • Respect for myself and others
  • The importance of my culture and community
  • Empathy for others
  • How to discover and explore
  • How to create my own theories about how things work
  • Learn about the world I live in
  • How to play with other children
  • Respect choice and peoples rights

These are life learning skills that will enhance your child’s learning, increase their self confidence and self esteem and encourage them to achieve and be the best that they can be. These are enhanced further by our policies on

  • Caring and professional staff
  • Settling-in process
  • Daily feedback
  • Open door policy
  • Curriculum Planning

Childcare Quality Frameworks:

Here, in Bizzy Bees Childcare, as well as complying with the Childcare Regulations, we also operate two quality frameworks:

Siolta: The National Quality Framework

Siolta is the National Quality Framework for Early Years Education and Care. It is established to help childcare and creche practitioners operate a quality early learning centre. Currently training for Siolta is being carried out in Ireland. Here in Bizzy Bees, Siolta is in operation, we have been working with the Siolta principles and standards for the last year.

Early childhood is a time of great opportunity for learning and development. In these early years children learn through loving, trusting and respectful relationships, and through discussion, exploration and play. They learn about languages and how and when to use them; they learn to think and to interact with others and the environment. They learn to be creative and adventurous, to develop working theories about their world, and to make decisions about themselves as learners.


Aistear: the Early Childhood Curriculum Framework celebrates early childhood as a time of being, and of enjoying and learning from experiences as they unfold. This early learning also lays important foundations for later learning. Because early childhood marks the beginning of children’s lifelong learning journeys, this framework is called Aistear, the Irish word for journey.

Aistear is based on 12 principles of early learning and development. These are presented in three groups:

1. The first group concerns children and their lives in early childhood:

  • The child’s uniqueness
  • Equality and diversity
  • Children as citizens.

2. The second group concerns children’s connections with others:

  • Relationships
  • Parents, family and community
  • The adult’s role.

3. The third group concerns how children learn and develop:

  • Holistic learning and development
  • Active learning
  • Play and hands-on experiences
  • Relevant and meaningful experiences
  • Communication and language
  • The learning environment.

For more information visit www.siolta.ie

Our Daily Routines! 

   07.30am Breakfast  

     9.30-9.50am Greeting Circle Time

      9.50-10.00am Exercises

      10.00-10.50am Free Play and small group time: Sand play/ Water Play/ Construction Play

       Jigsaws/ Reading/ Home corner etc

      10.50-11.15am Tidy Up Time Snack Time and Tooth Brushing Time

      11.15-11.45am Letter of the week group activity Time

      11.45am Tidy Up, Toilet & Nappy Changing Time (Honey Bees Room)

      12.00noon Outdoor Play

      1.30pm  Dinner Time (Hot Dinner)

      2.00-2.30pm   Cartoon Time

      2.30pm-4.00pm Small Group Time

      4.00pm Snack Time

      4.15pm Toilet and Nappy Changing Time

      4.30pm  Free Play/Outdoor Play until home time 

Parents provide the food on a daily basis, for tips on snacks and meals click on the  Health Promotion tab to the right of this page.

We follow whatever routine your child in used to at home, we aim to provide a home from home for your child.